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3. Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes
(Guantong Liangji Fa)


Principle: Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes channels the cosmos’ energy and mixes it with the energy inside one’s body. A great amount of energy is expelled and taken in during this exercise, enabling a practitioner to purify his or her body in a very short time. At the same time, the exercise opens the meridians on top of the head and unblocks the passages underneath the feet. The hands move up and down according to the energy inside the body and the mechanisms outside the body. The upward-moving energy dashes out of the top of the head and travels directly to the upper cosmic extreme; the downward-moving energy is ejected out from the bottom of the feet and rushes directly to the lower cosmic extreme. After the energy returns from both extremes it is then emitted in the opposite direction. The hand movements are done nine times. After the one-handed gliding up and down movements are done nine times, both hands are to glide up and down nine times. Then, the Falun is turned clockwise four times in front of the lower abdomen in order to spin the outside energy into the body. The movements end by conjoining the hands. Before doing the exercise, imagine you are two empty barrels, standing upright between heaven and earth, gigantic and incomparably tall. This helps channel the energy.


Preparation – Stand naturally with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend both knees slightly. Keep the knees and hips relaxed. Relax the whole body, but don’t become too loose. Tuck the lower jaw in slightly. Touch the tip of the tongue to the hard palate, leave a space between the upper and lower teeth, and close the lips. Gently close the eyes. Maintain a serene expression on the face.


(The verses are recited once only, in Chinese, right before each exercise. Each exercise has its own specific verse that you may recite out loud or just listen to on the exercise tape.)

Jinghua Benti (jing-hwa bun-tee) – Purify the Body

Fakai Dingdi (fah-kye ding-dee) – The Fa Unlocks the Top and Bottom Energy Passages.

Xinci Yimeng (shin-tszz ee-mung) – The Heart is Benevolent and the Will is Strong.

Tongtian Chedi (tong-t’yen chuh-dee) – Reach the Zenith of Heaven and the Nadir of Earth.



Falun Dafa


Conjoin the Hands (Liangshou Jieyin) – (Figure 3-1)


Press the Hands Together in Front of the Chest (Shuangshou Heshi) – (Figure 3-2)


One-Handed Gliding Up-and-Down Movement (Danshou Chong'guan) – From Heshi, simultaneously glide one hand upward and the other hand downward. The hands should glide slowly along with the energy mechanisms outside the body. The energy inside the body moves up and down simultaneously with the hand movements (Figure 3-3). Males start by gliding the left hand upward; females start by gliding the right hand upward. Pass that hand in front of the face and extend it above the head. Meanwhile, slowly lower the right hand (females, the left hand). Then switch the positions of the hands (Figure 3-4). Keep the palms facing the body at a distance of no more than 10 cm (4 inches). Keep the entire body relaxed. One up-and-down movement of each hand is one count. Repeatedly glide the hands up and down for nine counts.


Falun Dafa


Two-Handed Gliding Up-and-Down Movement (Shuangshou Chong'guan) – After the one-handed gliding up and down movement, keep the left hand (right hand for females) up and waiting, and slowly bring the other hand up so that both hands are pointing upward (Figure 3-5). Then slowly glide both hands downward at the same time (Figure 3-6). When gliding both hands up and down, keep the palms facing the body at a distance of no more than 10 cm (4 inches). A complete up-and-down movement is one count. Repeatedly glide the hands up and down for nine counts.


Turning the Falun With Two Hands (Shuangshou Tuidong Falun) – After the ninth two-handed gliding up and down movement, move both hands downward past the head and over the chest until they reach the lower abdominal area (Figure 3-7). Turn the Falun with both hands (Figure 3-8, Figure 3-9). The left hand goes inside for males, and the right hand goes inside for females. Keep a distance of about 2-3 cm (1 inch) between the hands and also between the inner hand and the lower abdomen. Turn the Falun clockwise 4 times to spin the energy from the outside to the inside of the body. While turning the Falun, keep the hands within the area of the lower abdomen.


Falun Dafa


Closing Position – Liangshou Jieyin (Conjoin the hands) (Figure 3-10).



(Source: Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong)




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