Falun Dafa Exercise 4

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4. Falun Heavenly Circuit
(Falun Zhoutian Fa)


Principle: Falun Heavenly Circuit enables the energy of the human body to circulate over large areas—that is, not just in one or several meridians, but from the entire yin side to the entire yang side of the body, back and forth continuously. This exercise is far beyond the usual methods of opening the meridians or the Great and Small Heavenly Circuits. Falun Heavenly Circuit is an intermediate-level cultivation method. With the previous three exercises as a base, the meridians of the entire body (including the Great Heavenly Circuit) can be quickly opened through performing this exercise. From top to bottom, the meridians will be gradually connected throughout the entire body. The most outstanding feature of this exercise is its use of the Falun rotation to rectify all abnormal conditions in the human body. This enables the human body—a small universe—to return to its original state and enables all meridians inside the body to be unblocked. When this state is reached, one has achieved a very high level within In-Triple-World-Law cultivation. When doing this exercise, both hands follow the energy mechanisms. The movements are gradual, slow, and smooth.


Preparation – Stand naturally with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend both knees slightly. Keep the knees and hips relaxed. Relax the whole body, but don’t become too loose. Tuck the lower jaw in slightly. Touch the tip of the tongue to the hard palate, leave a space between the upper and lower teeth, and close the lips. Gently close the eyes. Maintain a serene expression on the face.


(The verses are recited once only, in Chinese, right before each exercise. Each exercise has its own specific verse that you may recite out loud or just listen to on the exercise tape.)

Xuanfa Zhixu (shwen-fah jhr-sheeu) – The Revolving Fa Reaches the Void.

Xinqing Siyu (shin-ching szz-yoo) – The Heart is Clear Like Pure Jade.

Fanben Guizhen (fahn-bun gway-juhn) – Returning to Your Origin and True Self.

Youyou Siqi (yo-yo szz-chee) – You Feel Light, as if Floating.


Falun Dafa


Conjoin the Hands (Liangshou Jieyin) – (Figure 4-1)


Press the Hands Together in Front of the Chest (Shuangshou Heshi) – (Figure 4-2) Separate the hands from Heshi. Move them downward to the lower abdomen while turning both palms to face the body. Keep a distance of no more than 10 cm (4 inches) between the hands and the body. After passing the lower abdomen, extend the hands downward between the legs. Move the hands downward with palms facing the inner sides of the legs and, at the same time, bend at the waist and squat down (Figure 4-3). When the fingertips get close to the ground, move the hands in a circle from the front of the feet, along the outside of the feet to the heels (Figure 4-4). Bend both wrists slightly and raise the hands along the back of the legs (Figure 4-5). Straighten the waist while lifting the hands up along the back (Figure 4-6).


Falun Dafa


During the exercise, do not allow either hand to touch any part of the body, or the energy on them will be taken back into the body. When the hands cannot be lifted any higher along the back, make hollow fists (the hands do not carry energy right now) (Figure 4-7), then pull them forward passing through the underarms. Cross the arms in front of the chest (There is no special requirement for which arm is above or which arm is below—it depends on what’s natural for you. This is the case for both males and females.) (Figure 4-8).


Falun Dafa


Place the hands over the shoulders (leaving a space). Move both opened palms along the yang (outer) sides of the arms. When reaching the wrists, have the centers of both palms face each other at a distance of 3 – 4 cm (1 inch). At this time, the hands and the arms should form a straight line (Figure 4-9). Without pausing, turn both palms as if rotating a ball; that is, the outside hand should end up inside, and the inside hand should end up outside. As both hands push along the yin (inner) sides of the lower and upper arms, raise them up and over the back of the head (Figure 4-10). The hands should form an “x” at the back of the head (Figure 4-11). Separate the hands, with the fingertips pointing downward, and connect with the energy of the back. Then move both hands over the top of the head to the front of the chest (Figure 4-12). This is one complete heavenly circuit. Repeat the movements for a total of nine times. After nine times, move the hands down along the chest to the lower abdomen. Form Diekou Xiaofu (Overlap the hands in front of the lower abdomen) (Figure 4-13).


Falun Dafa


Closing Position – Liangshou Jieyin (Conjoin the hands) (Figure 4-14).



(Source: Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong)




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