Falun Dafa Exercise 5

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5. Strengthening Divine Powers
(Shentong Jiachi Fa)


Principle: Strengthening Divine Powers is a tranquil cultivation exercise. It’s a multi-purpose exercise that strengthens divine powers (including supernormal abilities) and gong potency by turning the Falun using Buddha hand signs. This exercise is above the intermediate level and was originally a secret exercise. Performing this exercise requires sitting with both legs crossed. Single-leg crossing is acceptable at the initial stage if double-leg crossing cannot be done. One is eventually required to sit with both legs crossed. During the exercise, the flow of energy is strong and the energy field around the body is quite large. The longer the legs are crossed, the better. It depends on one’s endurance. The longer one sits, the more intense the exercise and the faster one’s gong grows. Don’t think about anything when performing this exercise—no mind-intent is involved. From tranquility enter into ding. But your Main Consciousness must be aware that you’re the one who is doing the exercise.


Preparation – Sit with legs crossed. Keep the waist and neck upright. Tuck the lower jaw in slightly. Touch the tip of the tongue to the hard palate, leave a space between the upper and lower teeth, and close the lips. Keep the whole body relaxed, but not too loose. Gently close the eyes. Compassion should arise in the heart, and the facial expression should be peaceful. Have both hands in Jieyin at the lower abdomen (Figure 5-1). Gradually enter into tranquility.


(The verses are recited once only, in Chinese, right before each exercise. Each exercise has its own specific verse that you may recite out loud or just listen to on the exercise tape.)

Youyi Wuyi (yo-ee woo-ee) – As if With Intent, Yet Without Intent.

Yinsui Jiqi (yin-sway jee-chee) – Hand Movements Follow the Energy Mechanisms.

Sikong Feikong (szz-kong fae-kong) – As if Empty, Yet Not Empty.

Dongjing Ruyi (dong-jing ru-yee) – Move or Become Still With Ease.


Falun Dafa


Performing the Hand Signs (Da Shouyin) – From Jieyin, move the conjoined hands slowly upward. When the hands are in front of the head, release Jieyin and gradually turn the palms upward. When the palms are facing up the hands will have reached their highest point (Figure 5-2). (When doing the hand signs, the forearms lead the upper arms with a certain amount of force.) Then separate the hands, turning them backwards to draw an arc above the top of the head while bringing the hands down until they’re in front of the head (Figure 5-3). Have both palms face upward with the fingertips pointing forward (Figure 5-4), and hold the elbows inward as much as possible.


Falun Dafa


Straighten the wrists while crossing them in front of the chest. For males, the left hand moves outside; for females, the right hand moves outside. When both arms have formed a horizontal line (Figure 5-5), turn the wrist of the outside hand outward with the palm upward, drawing a semicircle. Have the palm facing up and the fingertips pointing back. The hand should move with considerable force. Meanwhile, turn the palm of the inside hand slowly downward. When the hand is extended, turn the palm to face forward. The lower hand should be positioned at a 30° angle from the body (Figure 5-6). Next, turning both palms towards the body, move the left hand (the upper hand) down on the inside and the right hand upward. Then repeat the previous movements using the opposite hands, switching the hand positions (Figure 5-7). Next, males should straighten the right wrist (females, the left wrist) and turn the palm to face the body. After crossing the hands in front of the chest, extend the palm downward until the arm is straight and the hand is over the lower leg. Males turn the left palm (females, the right palm) inward and move it up. After crossing in front of the chest, move it towards the front of the left shoulder (females, to the right shoulder). When the hand reaches the position, have the palm facing up with the fingertips pointing forward (Figure 5-8). Then, switch the hands’ positions using the previous movements. That is, males should move the left hand (females, the right hand) on the inside; the right hand for males (left hand for females) should move on the outside. Switch the hand positions (Figure 5-9). When doing hand signs, the movements are continuous, without interruption.


Falun Dafa


Strengthening (Jiachi) – Following the previous hand movements, move the upper hand along the inside, and the lower hand along the outside. Males, turn the right hand, moving it downward with the palm facing the chest. Males, lift the left hand (females, the right hand) upward. When both forearms reach the chest and form a horizontal line (Figure 5-10), extend the hands out to the sides while turning the palms downward (Figure 5-11).


When the hands are above knee level and extended out, keep the hands at waist level, with the forearms and the backs of the hands at the same level and with both arms relaxed (Figure 5-12). This position delivers divine powers from inside the body to the hands for strengthening. When strengthening, the palms will feel warm, heavy, electric, numb, as if holding a weight, etc. But don’t pursue these sensations—just let them happen naturally. The longer this position is held, the better.


Males, hook the wrist of the right hand (females, the left hand) to turn the palm to face inwards while moving the hand towards the lower abdomen. After reaching the lower abdomen, the palm should face up. At the same time, males should turn the left hand (females, the right hand) forward while lifting it towards the chin. When the arm reaches the same level as the shoulders, the palm should face down. After reaching the proper position, the forearm and the hand ought to be horizontal. With the centers of both palms facing each other, settle into this position (Figure 5-13).


Falun Dafa


The strengthening positions need to be held for a long time, but you may hold them as long as you can. Next, have the upper hand draw a half circle forward and down to the lower abdominal area. At the same time, lift the lower hand upward while turning the palm downward. When it reaches the chin, the arm should be at the same level as the shoulders. With the centers of both palms facing each other, settle into this position (Figure 5-14). The longer this is held, the better.


Tranquil Cultivation (Jinggong Xiulian) – Starting from the previous position, have the upper hand draw a half circle forward and down to the lower abdomen, and form Jieyin with the hands (Figure 5-15). Enter into tranquil cultivation. Go into ding, but make sure your main consciousness knows you are doing the exercise. The longer you sit, the better—sit for as long as you can.


Closing Position – Move the hands to Heshi, and come out of ding (Figure 5-16). Take your legs out of the cross-legged position.


(source: Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong)




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